Windows Mobile 10 user on rise says AdDuplex statistics

Latest monthly report of AdDuplex on the Windows Phone market and users bring some interesting stats to the picture.

AdDuplex statisticsThere has been a growth of 1.6% in Windows 10 users making them 2.3% of all Windows Phone users which is big jump considering the fact that Windows 10 is available as Technical Build i.e unstable builds rather than fully functional OS. Older WP8.0 and 7.X shows declined which is to be expected while on the other hand WP8.1 shows increase with reaching 75% of all WP devices.

This is definitely a good sign if people are showing interest in development of the new OS which is yet to be released completely on PC and Mobile. Stats shows how Microsoft leads as manufacture too with covering 96.75% of all WP devices with Nokia Lumia 520 still most popular device with 21.6%.

For more details about the statistics here is the full report:

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